Fusion Taiwanese Food in HK Courtesy of Young Financial Industry Escapees

Fusion Taiwanese Food in HK Courtesy of Young Financial Industry Escapees

Presentation is always one of the key features at Check-In TAIPEI.

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Check-In Taipei, a restaurant serving a new form of fusion Taiwanese cuisine combining Taiwanese and Western cooking, opened on May 20th on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong's Central district (address: G/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Central; Tel: 2351-2622).

The owners are young Chinese who gave up their salaried positions at a foreign financial firm. The Taiwanese food these entrepreneurs―who have experience living in Canada and other Western countries―love and know typically takes on a fusion Taiwanese form in Hong Kong instead of traditional cooking, so they decided to open a restaurant with the idea of offering a new type of Taiwanese cuisine one rarely finds in the territory.

Inside is seating for 38, including the counter. The menu includes items one would find at a food stall in a night market and is packed with widely familiar dishes. Manning the kitchen is Leong, a young chef who studied under renowned French chef Joel Robuchon. The owners consulted with their chef to come up with an original menu. Tim, one of the owners, says, "The chef digs Taiwan and he goes there a lot, so we're glad he knows a lot about Taiwanese cooking." Check-In goes through a trial-and-error process of matching ingredients, combining ingredients and flavors, and experimenting with presentation to come up with an appealing menu.

Characteristic menu items include "Kitchen & Waffle" (HK$128), a combination of deep-fried chicken and waffles topped with a New York-style maple syrup, and "Short Pasta with Stewed Pork" (HK$168), a dish of minced pork rice (a Taiwanese staple) with short pasta. The dishes on the standard menu are reminiscent of what one would find at a Taiwanese food stall. The drink menu includes cocktails and other drinks made with Taiwanese tea.

Business hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (until 2:00 .m. on Fridays and Saturdays). Check-In Taipei is closed on Sundays.



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