Western-Style Cafe from Taiwan "Coffee Alley" in Hong Kong No One-Hit Wonder

Western-Style Cafe from Taiwan

Strawberry Ice-cream Waffle.

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Coffee Alley, a Western-style cafe from Taipei popular for its waffle desserts, has been packed every day since opening two months ago along Causeway Bay.

Ho Tat-sing, the owner, opened the Hong Kong store of the Coffee Alley chain that already has six shops in Taipei, "because no cafes in Hong Kong offer light meals like we do." At the Causeway Bay Coffee Alley, everything from the interior to the menu resembles the main branch in Taiwan. Ho made simplicity the key to the 60-seat cafe's design. One wall of wood and leaves forms an indoor hedge. That, the rattan chairs and other stylish touches make it a wonderfully relaxing place to pass the time.

The star of Coffee Alley's offering of favorite menu items is the Strawberry Ice Cream Waffle for HK$56. The waffles, made according to a secret recipe employing a "golden blend" of flour, milk and egg and not a drop of water, feature a crispy outer layer and fluffy inside. A faint aroma wafts up from these delectable treats. According to Mr. Ho, "They taste best when eaten within five minutes."

In addition to desserts, Coffee Alley has other offerings including sandwiches, Indian-style beef curry prepared with the spice-of-the-day and other light meals, as well as a selection of beverages such as Ice Fresh Fruit Tea that Taiwanese kumquat, passion fruit, orange juice, apple juice and drinks flavored with home-made pineapple syrup are blended, for HK$54.

Business hours are currently from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., but Coffee Alley will extend its hours to 11:00 p.m. at a later date.



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