Over 20 Shops' Booths and Live Music at Street Bazaar in Hip PoHo Neighborhood

Over 20 Shops' Booths and Live Music at Street Bazaar in Hip PoHo Neighborhood

A shot at the bazaar (taken in 2012).

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The second-ever PoHo Bazaar street festival will be held on June 1 in Sheung Wan, a district near Victoria Peak that has been garnering attention as of late for its PoHo neighborhood.

PoHo, a recent nickname for the Po Hing Fong neighborhood, resembles SoHo (South of Hollywood), popular as a standard spot to visit among tourists to Hong Kong, and NoHo (North of Hollywood), which has a number of restaurants, general goods stores and the like.

The hanzi used for Po means "treasure." The neighborhood apparently got its name because a walk through the area, with its scattered collection of cafes, galleries and designer fashion shops, feels like going on a treasure hunt. PoHo was originally a residential area filled with old houses, but then entrepreneurs, designers and other professionals seeking a distinctive, laid-back atmosphere began opening cafes and studios and giving the neighborhood its own personality.

Secret Ingredient, the business organizing the PoHo Bazaar, is one of these recent arrivals. Last December, when the New York-born owner held a street bazaar like those often held on weekends in the Big Apple, around 700 people showed up. The owner then decided to hold a second bazaar "to take advantage of this opportunity to show people what makes PoHo so charming."

Over 20 shops will be joining this latest PoHo Bazaar, including Venetian-style establishment Cafe Loisl and ceramics store Loveramics. There are also plans for live performances by six unique Hong Kong bands.

Tickets are HK$160, which come with two free drinks and one item of food from a care or restaurant. The PoHo Bazaar will start at 12:00 p.m. and end at 6:00 p.m.



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