Kumamon Pop-Up Store in HK Sells Out of Goods on 1st Day

Kumamon Pop-Up Store in HK Sells Out of Goods on 1st Day

"Kumamon" is enjoying its rising popularity in Hong Kong.

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A pop-up store featuring Kumamon, the cartoon bear who promotes the Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto ("kuma" being the Japanese word for "bear"), opened on June 28 for three weeks at the Yata department store in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Kumamoto Prefecture has teamed up with Yata, a Japanese-style department store owned by a Hong Kong-based company, to place the temporary Kumamon pop-up store at the supermarket entrance. The 200-square-foot sales space has a life-size Kumamon figure on display and sells over 100 items including tote bags, towels and snacks. Mr. Bando, the head of the Kumamoto prefectural government's Asia office, said, "This shop has so many Kumamon goods that even in Japan you can't find so many of them in one place. I hope we can surprise and delight Hong Kongers with Kumanon."

As in Japan, Kumamon is enjoying rising popularity in Hong Kong. News of the cartoon bear's third visit to the territory created buzz among netizens a month beforehand and fans were already lined up an hour before the store opened on the 28th. In only one day, customers bought up every single item there and the shop had to wait for new supplies. Bando said, "I'm amazed at the craze among young Hong Kongers. I didn't think there were so many fans."

The store is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. until July 21.



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