Nissin Noodles & HK Rapid Transit Team Up to Sell Wildly Popular Demae Itcho Ticket & Merchandise Sets

Nissin Noodles & HK Rapid Transit Team Up to Sell Wildly Popular Demae Itcho Ticket & Merchandise Sets

The "Premium Goods" for the MTR and Demae Itcho collaboration.

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Mass Transit Railway (MTR), the operator of Hong Kong's rapid transit railway system, began selling the MTR & Demae Itcho Ticket Set on June 23 in a collaboration with Hong Kong Nissin, the local subsidiary of the Japanese instant noodle maker. The sets, which include premium merchandise and were available only in limited quantities, sold out in one day.

Demae Itcho, a Nissin brand whose name translates as "delivery, one order," is such a well-known noodle among Hong Kongers that it counts as its own category alongside other types like Chinese noodles, rice noodles and pho. Demae Boya, the cartoon boy gracing Demae Itcho packages and known by the name of Qing Zi in Cantonese, is a popular and beloved character in Hong Kong.

Demae Itcho was first launched in Japan in 1968. That same year it was also exported to Hong Kong to begin selling the noodles there. Sales have been healthy ever since, and in 1984 Nissin founded its local subsidiary and began producing the noodles right in the territory in 1985. Demae Itcho comes in a thin plastic package and a range of 17 flavors.

MTR came up with the idea for the collaboration and shared it with Hong Kong Nissin. The two organizations then worked out how to implement the project. Katsunori Hiroi, who works in Hong Kong Nissin's marketing department, said, "Both the subways and Demae Itcho have a long history in Hong Kong, and they're both entrenched parts of Hong Kongers' lives." He added, "I hope we can borrow MTR's strength to show the bright, cheerful 'Qing Zi family' to all of Hong Kong and present Hong Kongers with a fun and happy world."

MTR is selling sets over three separate periods. Each one includes an original commemorative ticket, card case and premium merchandise, priced at HK$95 apiece. The ticket is good for a one-way trip on any MTR train with the exception of the Airport Express and a few others. MTR had planned to sell the first group until June 29 before it sold out that first day. MTR is not announcing how many sets are available for each period and will not sell any more after they are gone.

The second set was scheduled to sell from June 30 to July 6 and the third set is selling from July 7 to 13. They are available at customer service centers at MTR stations, the MTR website and to Nissin fan club members.



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