Kishoku, High-Class Sushi Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Flies in Ingredients from Japan Daily

Kishoku, High-Class Sushi Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Flies in Ingredients from Japan Daily

A part of the lunch time menu Moriawase sampler at KISHOKU.

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Kishoku, a high-class sushi restaurant, opened at the end of May behind the Times Square shopping center in Causeway Bay.

The restaurant, with a modern interior covering around 3,700 square feet, has comfortable seating for 74 guests, mostly on sofas, plus counters and two private rooms. One private room comes with a sushi counter for nine while the other is furnished with a stately table for eight. Both are well-suited to private discussions about business or other matters.

The restaurant's name, Kishoku, is a combination of the owner's three favorite words, formed from a close approximation to the Japanese reading of the Chinese words for "happiness," "reward" and "pleasure." Du, the chief of the kitchen staff with 16 years' experience as a sushi chef, recommends guests try the three Chef's Courses, the names of which each bear one of the owner's three favorite words. The menu ranges from "tsumami" Japanese-style bar snacks and sashimi to boiled dishes, fried dishes and, of course, sushi...not to mention dessert. Right now the Chef's Course includes boiled tuna tail, raw tuna from Omamachi, botan shrimp served live and more. The Happiness course is HK$1,250, Reward is HK$1,350 and Pleasure is HK$1,550. Kishoku also has 19 types of hand-made "nigirizushi" prepared with seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant's owner, kitchen staff, waitstaff and other employees are all local Hong Kongers, but the ingredients are flown in from Japan six days a week (excluding Sunday). The menu is only available in Japanese and English, and employees have prior experience in this business.

The highlights of the lunch menu are the Moriawase sampler, the Chirashizushi dish of rice topped with sashimi and garnishes, and the Negitorodon bowl of fatty tuna on rice. Tempura and broiled fish are also available. Prices range between HK$220 and HK$338.

Kishoku is open 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. for lunch and 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. for dinner. The restaurant is in a soft open for now and plans a grand opening for July.



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