Renowned Japanese Bakery Opens Ryoyupan Location in HK Suburbs as 1st Overseas Business

Renowned Japanese Bakery Opens Ryoyupan Location in HK Suburbs as 1st Overseas Business

Bread from Ryoyupan Kobo

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The Ryoyupan Kobo opened in the outskirts of Hong Kong on June 28 inside a Yata department store (Shop 5, 4/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, 4 Tai Pa St, Tsuen Wan).

The new business, a bakery and store, opened the same day as the new Tsuen Wan Yata, which is a Japanese-style department store chain owned by a Hong Kong-based company. Ryoyupan was founded in 1950 in the Japanese city of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. Over the course of its long history the company has opened 94 stores across Kyushu, one of Japan's main islands.

Ryoyupan Kobo is the first overseas location for Ryoyu Co., Ltd, the parent company. There, visitors can see Japanese baker Yoshinobu Noguchi and two Hong Kongers who trained in Kyushu for two months as they bake bread. The bakery produces fresh-baked bread throughout the day for sale in the store.

Ryoyupan Kobo pays meticulous attention to everything from ingredients to preparation to provide its customers with authentic Japanese flavors. The wide-ranging lineup of 70 or so selections includes: Orange Aroma Nut Bread (HK$16) baked with orange peels, almonds and pumpkin seeds; Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake (HK$12) made with yeast fermented for 96 hours with a natural yeast incubator purchased in Japan; and rice bread made with ingredients such as rice grains produced in Kumamoto and Italian mozzarella cheese.

Daniel, a Ryoyu publicist, said, "We expect to open another couple stores or so within a year," adding that the company is considering opening branches in other areas as well.

Ryoyupan Kobo is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.



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