Comics and Cartoon Center "Comix Home Base" in Renovated HK Historical Building the "Green House"

The Green House, a tong lau (a type of tenement house particular to southern China) in Hong Kong's Wan Chai district that the government decided to preserve as a class-2 historical building, has been remade in to a comics and cartoons multiplex called the Comix Home Base, located at 7 Mallory Street. The facility is now holding its opening event: Kaleidoscope - History of Hong Kong Comics Exhibition.

The renovated white building stands five stories high. The entrances are accessible from both Mallory Street and Burrows Street. Hallways run through an open space in the middle of the building. While the French-made windows and other vestiges of its earlier history remain, the historical building formerly known as the Green House has been painted white and renovated. An atrium and gallery are on the fourth and fifth floors, where Comix Home Base plans to rent out space to creators that is cheaper than the surrounding area's real estate.

The exhibit spotlights Hong Kong comics and cartoons over the years. Starting in 1952, it examines the mainstream shift from comics to TV cartoons in the 1960s; action comics, mostly with kung fu theme, in the 1970s; 1980s cartoons inspired by American and Japanese cartoons; and the diverse creativity of 1990s comics and video games. There are also exhibits on beloved fictional characters created in Hong Kong such as McDull and the Storm Riders.

In August, Comix Home Base will open a comic book library on the third floor where visitors can peruse over 1,000 valuable comic books for free. Comix Home Base is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., while the exhibit closes at 8:00 p.m. Admission is free of charge.



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