Takeout Macanese Shop in Causeway Bay Specializes in Minced Meat and Fish

Takeout Macanese Shop in Causeway Bay Specializes in Minced Meat and Fish

A mince menu at Mince Food.

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It has been over a month since Mince Food opened. The restaurant, located near the Hong Kong Central Library, the territory's largest library, in Causeway Bay, serves takeout meals and light dishes mainly consisting of Macanese cuisine. The address is Shop 6, Bay View Mansion, 13-33 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay.

The offerings on the little shop's menu are mostly made with minced meat and fish. Liu, the Macanese-born owner, said he opened the business to bring "home town flavors" of home-style Macanese cooking--which is heavily influenced by Portuguese cuisine--to Hong Kong.

In front of the counter inside is a small space only big enough for three or so customers, behind which is the large and clean kitchen. Liu said, "If we have a slightly smaller kitchen then we could put in an eat-in area, but we can't make tasty food so well if the kitchen's too small, so we decided to make it an all takeout restaurant."

All the meals at Mince Food are handmade with a focus on nutrition. "We don't use any synthetic seasoning. We use real tomato sauce, not commercial tomato paste. Every day we strain 10 kilograms of tomatoes." The Fanqie Mianzhibaozhi Shidan Laofan (HK$43) on the menu board outside (the egg and cheese and minced meat sauce in this article's photo) features a pure yet mild tomato flavor.

Each day Mince Food sells over 20 servings of the Mianzhi Layubao (HK$18) bread with spicy minced fish and 100 servings of the chicken wings grilled over night with shrimp paste, a popular choice among students. The shop also offers Ganmianzhi Laofan (HK$35), a typical minced meat and rice meal eaten in Macanese homes.

Mince Food is open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.



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