New Pre-Paid SIM Cards for Travelers in HK with HKTB Support

New Pre-Paid SIM Cards for Travelers in HK with HKTB Support

Hong Kong welcomes nearly 50 millions visitors a year.

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New Pre-Paid SIM Cards for Travelers in HK with HKTB Support

PCCW-HKT, a major telecommunications provider in Hong Kong, began selling pre-paid SIM cards for travelers. The Discover Hong Kong Tourism SIM Card, which offers a combined package including data transmission and local calls to numbers in Hong Kong, is being marketed to tourists visiting Hong Kong.

There are two types of cards: the 5-Day Pass and the 8-Day Pass. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) carried out the planning with the cooperation of PCCW-HKT. The 5-Day Pass is, as the name implies, valid for five days and costs HK$69. The purchaser gets 1.5 GB of local 3G mobile data as well as free local calls and PCCW-HK Wi-Fi. One can also make direct international calls by combining the card with the IDD 0060 international telephone service to get a flat rate of HK$0.45 per minute for calls to 36 countries around the world. The 8-Day Pass is HK$96 and raises the local 3G mobile data cap to 5 GB.

A SIM-free device is required to use the cards. In addition to calls and data, users get unlimited minutes for calls to numbers in Hong Kong as well as unlimited access to Wi-Fi spots provided by PCCW. Although the cards come with mobile data caps, there are around 12,000 free Wi-Fi spots throughout the territory at places like MTR rail stations, 7-Eleven and Circle K convenience stores, Starbucks, shopping malls and elsewhere.

Although many companies have sold competitively priced pre-paid SIM cards in Hong Kong before, some come with hefty processing fees that belie the seemingly low cost. The new PCCW-HKT SIM cards are meant to offer travelers a better deal than they've had in the past.

The new SIM cards are sold at Hong Kong International Airport, over 2,000 convenience stores and 60 PCCW shops in the territory, the HKTB Kowloon Visitor Centre and elsewhere.



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