"Sushi Iwa" from Ginza in Office Building in Central, HK - BBQ also Served

Tuna nigiri sushi at Sushi Iwa

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Sushi Iwa, a restaurant in Tokyo's stylish Ginza district serving Edomaezushi-style sushi and a recipient of a Michelin star four years running, opened Ginza Iwa, a new location in Asia Pacific Centre near Central Station in Hong Kong. The address of the restaurant, on the 29th floor, is 8 Wyndham Street.

Rather than sushi bar-style "neta cases" at the counters, Ginza Iwa does without so customers can have more engaging conversations with the staff. There is a long 16-seat counter plus a VIP room for eight guests. The interior is meticulously designed, down to the lighting and shoji doors.

The restaurant's 38-year-old manager, head chef Mr. Iwa, is supervising the opening of the company's first overseas location, traveling between Japan and Hong Kong for the time being so he can be more hands-on. Iwao selects ingredients himself, procuring fish from Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market. Iwao's recommended courses cost upwards of HK$1,800.

Mr. Iwa, a man of few words, helps to give the counter a Japanese ambience with his easygoing conversational style. An "out of Japan" branding power is effective at attracting Hong Kong consumers these days, but Iwao is looking to the future: "I wonder how many of the same ingredients we could actually get locally."

On the same floor is an affiliated restaurant, Sumibi Niku Ryori Ginza Iwa, which serves Japanese BBQ. Opened with the purpose of popularizing Japanese wagyu beef, the establishment serves BBQ and kaiseki ryori tea ceremony dishes prepared on a teppanyaki iron griddle. The menu even has Ozaki beef, an extremely rare variety from Miyazaki Prefecture for which only 22 cattle a month are slaughtered. Head chef Mr. Yoshida says, "Ozaki beef has beautiful marbling, and it is magically refreshing to eat. It shows how much work the ranchers put into raising the cattle." A course starts at HK$900.

The restaurant is now in a soft open. Business hours are 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. for lunch and 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. for dinner.



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