Japanese Restaurant "Gonpachi" Lands in HK with Special Menu

As it celebrates its 40th year in business, Global Dining Inc. has held the grand opening of the first franchise for its Gonpachi chain of Japanese restaurants. The new establishment opened on October 10 in Causeway Bay (address: 4/F, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Ave).

Gonpachi, a chain that Minato Ward, Tokyo-based Global Dining has grown in Japan and Los Angeles, formed a franchise agreement with 1957 & Co Limited, which offers fine dining and opened the first franchise location under the agreement in Hong Kong.

The new Gonpachi has a design that hearkens back to early modern Japan, with a red-walled entrance and woodgrain patterns on the inside. The main dining area is a circular section in the middle of the room. Diners can espy a chef kneading buckwheat soba noodles through a glass window, check out yakitori and tempura booths, or even see the terrace seating in a Japanese garden-like setting. The view all depends on where you sit.

To prepare the meals, soba is ground daily on a millstone and ingredients such as kushiyaki grilled with high-grade charcoal are brought in from Japan. The menu has offerings unique to Hong Kong like Snow Crab Korokke (HK$158), Crab Soba and Sea Urchin Oba Tempura. Florence, a restaurant spokesperson, says for the wagyu beef they "use top ranked Miyazaki wagyu with a beef marbling standard (BMS) of 10 or higher and is Class A5 beef according to the Japan Meat Grading Association. That's one rank higher than the black kuroge wagyu our Japanese branches use." Gonpachi also has a stock of 88 brands of sake, plus plenty of other alcohol including whiskey and beers.

Regular business hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., and until 2:00 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.



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