Handicrafts Corner in HK Park Includes Papercutting Master of 50 Years

Handicrafts Corner in HK Park Includes Papercutting Master of 50 Years

A scene at the Hong Kong Park

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The outdoor Arts Corner where handmade items are sold on weekends and holidays in the urban oasis that is Hong Kong Park has a new look as of New Year's Day.

The park's facilities range from an aviary, a conservatory and tea house to the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center, restaurants and a marriage registry, all of which blend into the natural surroundings. Hong Kong Park is also popular for its views of the impressive skyscrapers surrounding it as they peek through the trees. Other symbols of the park include its use of a water motif with fountains, a waterfall and lily ponds.

The Arts Corner, set up off to the side of the park's Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, is organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) to give residents of the ever-changing territory a relaxing place to enjoy themselves. This is the fourteenth phase of the Arts Corner since 2002. Tents line the outdoor area in Hong Kong Park, much like a bazaar, where 10 or so exhibitors gather to draw caricatures and sell handmade cards, soap, brooches, ornaments and other accessories. Prices of items for sale range from around HK$20 to HK$100.

One exhibitor has been cutting people's silhouettes for 50 straight years. The art, called "renxiang jianying," involves the artist wielding a pair of scissors to cut out the profile of a person sitting in front of him or her from a single piece of paper. Bi says that by holding the scissors open at a constant angle, one can cut the paper in many directions to wonderfully reproduce the finest details of a person's profile, down to the curves of the face, bangs, eyelashes and the bridge of the nose. Each cutout costs HK$30, for which the customer gets a silhouette of their profile from a single piece of paper in a mere two minutes.

The Arts Corner is open on weekends and holidays from around noon to 6:00 p.m. This year's stalls will remain until December 31st.



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