HK Business Community Loves Cantonese Restaurant "Club Heichinrou" for Private Room-Only Layout

HK Business Community Loves Cantonese Restaurant

The hallway from entrance to each room is accessible only by guests.

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Heichinrou, the Cantonese restaurant widely known for its more than 120-year history that began in Yokohama, Japan, opened Club Heichinrou, an all-private-room restaurant in Causeway Bay last September (address: 27/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Rd, Causeway Bay). The new establishment is the talk of businesspeople in Hong Kong's financial industry, who say it makes a good place for business meetings.

The entire floor is composed of private dining rooms. Anyone can make a reservation as there is no membership system. Inside is a stately interior and three private rooms with sound-proofing. Only one party is allowed in each room, which seats six guests. A party also has the option of connecting rooms to seat up to 18 guests, depending on the client's needs.

There is no standard menu. Instead, guests order what they want and the kitchen serves it up. A client has to meet with the manager or chef in advance to settle on a budget. Club Heichinrou is serious about freshness, using fish sold at market the same day it is served at the restaurant. The staff even present the live fish on ice before it is cooked.

Club Heichinrou also allows a party's members to set their own individual budgets when they cannot agree on a menu for the entire party. For example, a budget of HK$600 can get you a course of three starters, soup with lobster, razor-shell with cellophane noodles, steamed fish, fried rice and a fruit dessert.

The president of Heichinrou Hong Kong said, "We hope our clientele will relax to enjoy themselves in a setting much like a private club." There is no room charge or other such fees. Club Heichinrou stands out for providing a setting for conducting important business or for welcoming visitors from Japanese companies to provide them with a comfortable environment for entertainment. The restaurant's management says "some guests stay for around four hours for lunch."

A guests must make a reservation at least three days in advance.



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